The O'Connell Family Fortune


The first generation of our branch of the O'Connell clan to be born in North America was a large one, five brothers and two sisters. Their parents instilled in them a strong work ethic, along with a burning desire to succeed.

The family lived up to its potential. The oldest brother, John, became a rancher, the owner of twelve sections of prime prairie land.

The second oldest, Frank, became a gold miner, his contribution to the industry acknowledged by the establishment of an industry award in his name.

Leo became a teacher, principal, then Chairman of the School Board. He was able to retire while still in his forties.

Bobby, went to war and, regrettably, did not return.

Bernard, the youngest, became a senior executive with a major chemical company.

The bright and beautiful O'Connell women both married well. Unfortunately Cecilia's husband died young. Eileen married Tom, who became a senior insurance industry executive. In recognition of his abilities, Tom's colleagues took to referring to him in his later years as "the Silver Fox".

So what?

Well, here's the thing. Clearly the O'Connell's were a successful, well established, extremely capable family. Reading between the lines you can imagine land, gold, stock options, large salaries, brilliant investment strategies and the like. But there is more.....

Those of us who attended the family parties remember the talk of "Let's do something together!".....the hushed conversations.....the scribbled notes.....followed by drinks and brilliant speeches. Who among us believes for a moment that all that potential was not acted on?

We know that it was! And we appreciate the legacy that the last generation has left us! Unfortunately, what they did not leave was a detailed description of just what the venture was, and where the proceeds are today! I am speaking, of course, of the O'Connell Family Fortune! We've asked the family patriarch, and he isn't talking.

So, it's up to us! By pooling our knowledge, I know we can locate the missing fortune! By the way, does this look familiar to anyone?

Anyway, now is your chance to register your personal claim to the Family fortune. Just complete the easy-to-follow instructions!

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